Private Sector Housing

Housing Assistance Policy (Grants and Loans)

At the beginning of 2007 Dover District Council adopted a new policy for Housing Assistance. A copy of the policy and conditions are available for examination at Dover District Council, White Cliffs Business Park, Whitfield, Dover and at all Area Offices of the Council.

  • Housing Assistance Policy (Grants and Loans)

Dover District Council offers a range of housing assistance that is designed to help fund repairs and improvements to private dwellings. This may be to bring them up to an acceptable standard, to increase energy efficiency or to provide facilities to people with disabilities.

The following types of discretionary assistance are available (subject to sufficient funding being available at the time of application). Depending on the scheme, assistance may be in the form of loans, grants or a combination of these.

Loans will be interest free, Typical 0% APR and repayable by home owners when either the property is sold, bequeathed, or in the case of landlords, on expiry of five years after the final payment of the loan monies.

The maximum loan or grant varies from scheme to scheme and further details can be found by clicking on the scheme title. To comply with Consumer Credit legislation all potential applicants must be made aware of the following statement.

  • Coldbusters Grant

Where funding is not available from other sources, this grant may be available to home owners and tenants on means-tested benefits to provide efficient heating and insulation.

  • Fire Safety Assistance Scheme

Assistance to owners (freeholders) of multi-occupied residential buildings to provide fire-sprinkler systems or new fire safety systems.

  • Disabled Home Assistance Grant

A grant available to persons receiving a Disabled Facilities Grant to carry out essential works to enable the DFG to be completed and/or to bring the property up to a reasonable standard for energy efficiency and heating.

  • Disabled Relocation Grant

This grant is available to registered disabled persons where it is impossible or uneconomic to adapt their home for their identified needs. The grant will help pay for specific costs to move to a more suitable property.

  • Homes Assistance Scheme

This scheme is open to all homeowners in receipt of means tested benefits and landlords and provides funding of up to £30,000 per household. 20% of this is a grant, the remaining 80% is an interest free loan (0% APR).

If you wish to find out whether you would be eligible for any assistance, you will need to provide us with your details by contacting us at the council offices on 01304 872454. Your enquiry will be confirmed in writing. An officer of this department will then in due course contact you to carry out an inspection of your property to see if the proposed works are eligible.

This information is designed to help you to decide whether you are eligible for assistance and to give a broad view of the assistance available, more detailed information is available on request.