Everything You Need to Know About Secured Loans

Finance Loans

A secured loan is also known as a second charge loan and is similar to a mortgage as it is secured on your property.

Many people take out a secured loan to pay off outstanding unsecured finance; one of the main reasons to use a secured loan is that they can be cheap and quick to set up without you having to pay any money upfront for the service.

There are numerous benefits in refinancing a credit card, with the first being the most obvious, of lowering the monthly payment. The second benefit is that there will be no incurring debt when the card is paid off with a secured loan, because the amount that is owed will be kept the same, but the debt will be moved to a more affordable repayment method. Top secured credit cards.

However if you are currently tied into your mortgage with your current provider, there will be an early repayment charge if you repay the mortgage early. Or you may already be locked into a low rate with your lender and do not wish to come out of this contract. See debt management.

Some small business use credit cards as a way of financing short term purchases, you may have been to you bank about a business loan and not been successful. A secured loan could be the way of consolidating your business credit cards and helping you move your business forward. More advice.

Secured Property Development Loans

A secured loan is the best way for property developers to begin their project. Secured loans can be taken out against the land or property. Developers will need enough equity to support the amount that has been borrowed.

There is a range of finances available to kick start your new development project including commercial mortgages, auction finance, bridging loans and development finance.

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